Our Process

Every Milly Grace design arriving at your door has travelled a carefully plotted journey. From the second Emily puts pen to paper to the moment you unbox your order, each step is mindfully taken to ensure your new piece makes a bold statement, with minimal impact on the environment.

Inspiration for our pieces comes from everywhere - shapes in architecture, textures in nature, the unique beauty of the men and women who wear our jewellery.

Emily sketches each individual item freehand from this inspiration, allowing the design to evolve organically. Her final drawings are turned into a CAD (computer-aided design), which is then brought to life and handmade by artisans in small batches by our Responsible Jewellery Council factory in Jaipur, India.

Every new product we launch is a mini celebration for us and we love to share every moment of it with our Milly Grace community.

Our small but amazing team works hard to get new designs over to you as soon as possible. If we’re not dreaming up aspirational photoshoots, you’ll find us meticulously packaging orders or connecting with you online. Nothing gives us more joy than seeing your excitement over the new drops.