Meet Milly

"We all have a right to feel amazing!"

This is Emily (a.k.a. Milly), the founder and creative mastermind behind Milly Grace. She’s on a mission to mindfully create high-quality jewellery pieces at accessible prices - so that everyone can treat themselves to something beautiful!

From an early age, Emily was influenced by her mother and grandmother’s work - both talented painters.  Growing up surrounded by art awoke in her a passion for drawing and expressing her ideas through playful lines and vivid colour. 

Her love of nature also plays a big part in her creative process. As an avid cyclist and camper, her personal style is unfussy, preferring to let her jewellery do all the talking.  Her respect for the great outdoors is also evident in the many environmental initiatives at play throughout the business. From creation to delivery, minimising environmental impact is a top priority for Emily and her team. 

Emily views jewellery design as an art form and accessorising as a beacon for self-expression. Even in the most understated of ways, jewellery can transform the way we look and feel. 

The pieces she creates are meant to help the wearer represent their authentic self, show off their personality and feel gorgeously confident.