Fair Pricing

Luxury should be accessible. We all deserve to feel special!

Did you know most major brands mark their products up to 10x their actual cost? 

We’re disrupting this trend.

We’re offering you the same high-quality materials and generous plating, coupled with strict sustainability and ethical standards, for a fraction of the price.

Yes, we’re making luxury inexpensive.

How do we do this?

You will notice our prices differ slightly across our product range. This is because we price our jewellery based on weight, composition and intricacy of design. This ensures you’re paying exactly what the piece is worth. No hidden costs, no surprise mark-ups. 

Above the industry average

We want to make jewellery you’ll love for a long time. This is why our pieces are plated above the industry standard. 

For our chunkier pieces, we utilise coated brass base metals to give you the same look and feel, without the hefty price tag.