Behind The Scenes

Behind the Brand July 2023

Hey there! 

It has been some time since we last spoke as Ben and I have been working behind the scenes on a few exciting projects for Milly Grace. From new launches we know you will all adore, to our first exhibition in London, a gorgeous trip away to Copenhagen and a retreat to the Lake District, we have so much to catch up on. 

A weekend in Copenhagen 

As a birthday treat, Ben took me to see Bon Iver in Copenhagen. It was so inspiring to see our favourite band in the sun. We had an amazing few days exploring the beautiful city and its culture; exploring the city on two wheels was our favourite part as we went from waterway to waterway soaking up the sun. As you can see, I spent the whole weekend wearing my favourite Sunflower Huggies and the Sundial pendant necklace. Name a better duo for a warm weekend away.

Milly Grace lands in London 

For the first time ever, we brought Milly Grace into the physical world at Tobacco Dock to showcase our bestselling pieces, as well as our new collections. It was incredible to bring the brand to life. Showing our pieces in person for the first time as an online brand only (for now!) was a real pinch me moment, and we loved receiving feedback from those who love the brand. 

Our retreat to the Lake District

We escaped to the Lake District for a weekend with our dog, Maggie. In classic Lake District style, our walk up the Langdale valley turned into a bit of a storm… we were glad to finally reach a pub at the end of our walk, albeit drenched head to toe. We are so fond of the outdoors, and needed an escape after a weekend in London. To us, there is nothing better. 

Our bestsellers restocked  

Yipeee! Our bestsellers landed back with us again at the end of July. All of our most loved pieces restocked and were grabbed quickly as soon as the landed! Our Ethereal Capsule collection which was launched at the end of 2021 has become our most treasured collection of all time. 


We have created more Ethereal pieces you will adore. You can expect to see two beautiful new Ethereal Huggies in both Amazonite and Green Onyx. Watch this space. 

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